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Customer Testimonials
Here's what our customers have to say about our products and service.


July 17, 2013 - Thanks, I got the MAL-2C yesterday. It looks good and works great.,



October 14, 2012 - I wanted to thank you for the outstanding customer service provided by you and your wife. We had a trip planned and needed to trailer our bike. However, didn't have the proper equipment. I appreciate you making our trip possible and your company following through. The product is outstanding. Anne .
Thank you!,


Cam -

February 18, 2012 - Just received the MAL-2C jack ... your product is GREAT. I'm no mechanic but the jack was assembled in less than 5 minutes (more time to get the box open than to actually assemble). Used the jack to lift my 2009 Ultra Classic with no problems at all. Its nice to actually get a product that delivers what it promises. .

Jeff Ford, Dover, DE.

March 12, 2011 - hello the delivery was fast it arrived this morning at 8: 30 already use it GREAT JACK .

Bob. .

Cam -

January 22, 2011 - Received the Mal-2C day before yesterday, 3 business days after ordering. I found it to be everything you advertise. Your online video was extremely helpful. All that being said, it only took about 30 minutes from the time I removed it from the box to the point I had my Road Glide off the floor and moved into the corner of the garage on the Jack. I'll give you a report after I have had a chance to use it for the riding season, which may start as early as today. Weather report looks favorable. .

Bob. .

Cam -

Cam, Received the Jack on the 16th. Wow - one day! I will assemble and test run this weekend. I'm looking forward to the trial run. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the excellent delivery service, as it should be. Exceeding the expectation for the customer always is a winner, too bad our nations automobile industry has not figured that one out! I watched the video - good instructions. Again, smart business service with the follow-up email to boot! You are on your game! .

John Brown .

Hi Cam -

Tried out the jack on my Boulevard, It worked great. No issues with stability, I rocked it back and forth with no concerns, this bike has a 100" overall lenght. What I will do is make a couple of wheel supports to place under the tires so that when I pull off one of the wheels, I won't have anything to worry about.


We would like to thank Mary Dunlap for getting our order in the mail so fast. We called to order our Bike Pro on Monday 11/2, and thanks to Mary getting it in the mail yet that same day, it was here at our home in Wisconsin on Thursday. We were so happy with our first Bike Pro, and we installed this one to carry a second motorcycle in our toyhauler.

Thanks for the great service!

Howard Gillen .


Thanks, I really like the lift, and will continue to recommend it to friends. It's been very handy to have around. I have an ATV also, so someday I may have a chance to try out the accessory also. Regards,

Jim Franklin

Cam, Thanks You!

Got the replacement bottle jack, works like a jack now. It's good to know that there is someone that will take care of the customer. I will pass the word about motorcyclejacks.com.
Thank you again,

Jeff Lucas


I purchased a bike pro chock for my trailer. I agree with your description as to how it works, it's all true. I had a Smartchock that came with my new trailer. They said it was all that too, but it was not. It didn't hold my bike alone long enough for me to get off and tie it down, I needed help to stabilize the bike so I could get off.

Now with my Bike Pro if I need to I can do it myself without any worries at all. Your Bike Pro is all that!


Hi Cam!
I appreciate your personal and speedy action on my concern. If only other vendors were like you, goodwill instead of mistrust would florish amongs sellers and buyers. Once again thank you and more power to you!

God bless!.

Hi Cam!
I got my jack today just as you promised and it is a beauty. Thank you for a great product at a really affordable price. If you are ever in my neighborhood please drop by for a beer or two or twelve.

Thanks. Randy.

Tell Santa About Larin :)

I just received my new jack. What an awesome tool. Thank you, for the great service.

The two jacks and the roller seat were great! They were actually better than expected. My son and I both have Harleys and it sure makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. It even works well on my Dyna model with the Harley lift adapters as promised by you, Cam. Winter storage is going to be easy and proper for the bikes. I WILL refer others to you.

Best of luck! Kevin

I received the jack and roller seat yesterday. What great products! Thanks for the super customer service and let me know when you get the ratchet straps (new) in stock.

Best regards, Jay

Hi Cam!
What a great product. I love it!

Ron - Winter Haven, Florida

Hey Cam -
Sorry it's been a while but I've been in Vegas on business. I received the new bottle jack last week, installed it and it works great. Thanks again for your assistance with getting my problem solved. The jack is brilliant, and perfectly suits my needs. Cheers, /Andy

Dear Cameron,

Just set up the jack today, and wanted to let you know that I believe this is the best purchase I've ever made! I don't normally write and say too much, but I felt I had to tell you what I thought of your product. This jack slid underneath my 99 Chief with plenty of room to spare, which is amazing because all of the other jacks I've tried I've had to sit on the bike, lean it to the right, then slide the jack the rest of the way underneath the left-side frame. Some jacks out there on the market you can't get under even the right-side frame unless you use a second jack to raise your bike a couple extra inches even higher, then slide the jack underneath! Which is not only totally ridiculous, it's extremely unsafe! The special features with the new Larin MAL-2C black and chrome Deluxe jack are far superior to others on the market as well. Anyway, I just wanted to say THANKS, and I'll definitely be spreading the word to all my bros about your great product. Too bad I don't own a bike shop or I'd sell a bunch for you... but I do have a best friend who owns a shop. Thanks again.

Ron Coleman

Dear Cameron,

I received complete notification and everything arrived in perfect condition, the products exceeded my expectations and I'll continue to see what other products you offer for future consideration. Thank You,

Randall, President

The jack arrived with no damage and I want to thank you for making a product that goes that low to the ground. I bought a Big Dog Chopper and my other jack would not go under the new bike.Thanks again. Your product has made a world of difference in the ability to clean my bike efficiently . Thanks


Saw it on your website first; then spent and hour looking at the competition. You win!


Just wanted to let you know that I received the jack today, it's a great product and well worth the money. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks for the prompt shipping and awesome service.

Jason Campbell

Hi. I just wanted to share some feedback with you on your product. The MAL-2 is a very nice unit. I own a 2000Harley-Davidson XL1200S and the bike is very compatible with the jack. No adaptor needed. It is very stable and balanced while fully extended in the air on the jack. The rolling stool is a great companion product as well Very handy amd it saves your back and legs from doing a lot of work. Overall, I am very satisfied.

Mark Wray

Good Morning, Hope this finds you well.

Wanted to take a minute to say thanks for your jack. I've been using it for 3 days, it's a great thing! My life was instantly easier the moment I opened the box. You guys are a Godsend. Now I've got to put the bike back together again, should be fun.

Thank You, keep the rubber side down brother.
R/S, Steve Durham out....

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