Bike Pro Wheel Chock System
The ultimate transport and storage solution!

Bike Pro Wheel Chock - The Best There Is

  The Bike Pro is a new and innovative self locking motorcycle wheel
  chock.It makes loading, servicing, or storing motorcycles safe and easy.
  The unique design of the Bike Pro cradles the front tire firmly, eliminating
  any concerns of damage to the motorcycle.

For years I've been traveling with my bike behind me, mostly in a 7 x 16 box trailer with a ramp door. Until recently I either didn't use a chock at all or used a one piece removable chock you can buy almost anywhere. By the way, If I thought those chocks were any good we'd sell them here. The permanently installed chocks are not much better because they don't solve the problem of holding the bike while strapping it down.

Before I had the Bike Pro Chock, I would roll my bike into the trailer and carefully get off holding the bike upright. Then I'd work my way around to the front of the bike, hold the center of the handle bar and with one hand balancing the (650lb) bike, connect the first strap and then the second and carefully ratchet the first and then the second strap, one click at a time. My prayers were answered if the bike stayed balanced.

Now you might say, why didn't you just get someone to help, you idiot?! Of course I would when there was someone around. But, when you're in the "go mode" and no one is available, let's face it, you will strap the bike down alone.

Here's what happened to me the last time I used a standard wheel chock. What a nightmare. During many "check" stops on the trip, I pulled into a rest stop and looked in the trailer to check the bike and there was my worst fear - the bike was on its side! Unbelievable! Because the removable chock didn't bolt to the floor, it wiggled loose and sure enough, the bike went down. My heart dropped - to say I was angry is an understatement. Luckily because the straps were still holding and because my bike has wide floor boards rather than foot pegs, the bike wasn't damaged. That was the last time I used that miserable chock.

Here's the good news - last fall the local Harley dealer picked up my bike for major service I couldn't do myself. When the driver arrived, he opened the ramp on the trailer and I looked in and saw something I had never seen before, some sort of chock contraption... He insisted on riding the bike up into the trailer, and I watched closely as the bike rolled into the chock, and a lip on the chock came up behind the front wheel and locked the bike upright. I gasped as the guy stood up, let go and got off the bike, sure the bike would fall over. But no, it stood there like a soldier at attention, straight up, no kick stand, no straps, nothing but the chock.

The bike rolls in and locks safely
In and Lock!

So I did and it took me some time to find it and when I did, I ordered 2 since I can get 2 bikes in my trailer.

As soon as the Bike Pro unit arrived I installed it for a December trip to Florida. The 10 minute installation involves 4 bolts through the bottom of the trailer and with the Quick Release unit, the wheel chock is easily removed from the floor plate. I prefer the removable units because bikes aren't the only thing I haul with my trailer and I could just see myself with one end of a 150 lb. couch backing into the trailer trying NOT to trip over a permanently installed chock. Yikes!

The chock is bolted to the quick release base for security Quick Release Base Comes Standard

Well let me tell you, the first time I rolled my bike into the chock, it locked onto the front wheel and I stood up and got off the bike and realized that a big problem had been solved. The bike stood tall and straight as I walked around the front and strapped her down all by myself!

The Florida trip was 2400 miles round trip and with the Bike Pro there was never a worry or a problem. What a relief compared to how I used to check the trailer with my hand over my eyes slowly separating my fingers, cringing and hoping the bike was standing. No more!

If you haul your bike around like I do, you simply must have this chock. It's better than sliced bread and cheap to boot. I remember when I finally found mine; I thought in the back of my mind that I didn't really care what it cost. I was getting it.

$169 is a great value for the peace of mind that comes with the Bike Pro. This unit is as well built as anything I've ever seen and I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

I hauled the bike 2400 miles round trip with it and there was never a worry and never a problem. I confess, there were a bunch of stops along the trip where I didn't even look in the trailer. I knew I didn't have to. What a relief compared to how I used to look in the trailer with my hand over my eyes and I'd slowly separate my fingers, cringing, hoping nothing had happened. No more!

The Optional Floor Stand is awesome for storing your 
bike Optional Floor Stand

When you're not using the chock in your trailer, there's an optional floor stand for your garage that also holds your bike up straight. No more taking up space leaning on the kick stand. And better, you can display the right side of your bike if you like. Even if you don't haul your bike around you'll love this chock for storing your bike in your garage, barn or shed. It's a must have!!

The Optional Floor Stand is awesome for storing your 
bike Optional Integrated Tie Down

For added security, consider the optional Integrated Tie Down Kit that ties down your bike without compressing your forks! The Integrated Tie Down Kit consists of two 1/4" powder coated steel brackets mounted below the quick release base and a heavy duty 1" chrome ratchet strap.

The Bike Pro is a new and innovative self locking motorcycle wheel chock. It makes loading, servicing, or storing motorcycles safe and easy. The unique design of the Bike Pro cradles the front tire firmly, eliminating any concerns of damage to the motorcycle.

The Bike Pro is the safest and easiest way for one person to load a bike. It completely eliminates fears of the motorcycle falling over while it is being tied down and while you're running down the road. It is easy to mount and comes with a bolt down quick release plate to allow for quick removal when not in use.

The Bike Pro is safe to use with all factory and custom rotor covers, fender extensions, and tires up to and not including the 150/80/16 size - 6.2" overall width tire. For tires 3 1/2 inches wide or narrower, an optional narrow tire kit is available. In addition, an optional display stand is available for showing, storing, or servicing the motorcycle.

We are proud to offer the ultimate bike chock for every bike owner - The Bike Pro Wheel Chock System - a perfect way to safely trailer or store your bike your garage.